Welcome to Tamworth & District Day Centre

We have members who pay privately to attend the Centre but others are eligible for direct payments from Social Serives.

If you have a social worker that has recently assessed that you require help and support in the home and identified that you would benefit from Day Care then you can request through the Direct Payment Scheme to access our Day Centre.

A member of our team will visit you and liaise with your social worker to set up a direct debit payment with you and a contract will be completed.

If you do not have a social worker but would like to attend, we will be happy to discuss the cost with you on referral.

Direct Payments

Direct Payments create more flexibility in the provision of Social Services.

Giving money instead of Social Care means people have greater choice over their lives, and are able to make their own decisions about how their support is delivered.

Direct Payments are cash payments made in lieu of Social Services provision to individuals who have been assessed as needing services.

Once your Social Worker has identified that you meet the criteria to access day services then they will explain the procedure to allow you to receive Direct Payments.

This just involves you opening a separate bank account to allow payments to be made into it and if you choose to use some or all of the amount to access our service, we will invoice you monthly and provide a written receipt for your records.

Support is available for anyone who feels they need help in opening a bank account and keeping a record of monies spent.