Welcome to Tamworth & District Day Centre

Tamworth and District Day Centre Limited is now registered with the Care Quality Commission as a provider of personal care. This means that from 1st October 2012 our staff is able to provide care to members of the day centre in their own home. The main reason for providing this service is that some members of the day centre and their families have complained to us that their existing domiciliary care agencies have failed to provide the service that they require. The most common complaints have been carers failing to turn up, not turning up on time, or carers rushing to complete assigned tasks. One major area of contention is that our members may not see the same carer every day at home and on some occasions a complete stranger will turn up from the care agency. We will only provide staff who actually work at the day centre and who are already personally known to the members. We will only provide domiciliary care to our members and no one else therefore, the care team will remain small and will have time to provide the service that is required.
Statement of Purpose