Susan's Poem - Susan is a member of Staff

A day in my life, well what can I say,
a day when I'm glad I'm on my way
a day when a smile is lovely to see
a day when The Centre is welcoming me.

It's 7 months now since I said "hello"
to faces I never knew.
Some smiling back at me and
some said "who are you?"

My mind was a whirl as I walked through the door
I was scared as scared could be.
But the relaxed and pleasant atmosphere
soon put me at my ease.

Now what about the staff I thought
Would they be happy in what they see.
A pleasant surprise is what I got
I got tea and a " sit by me".

Now Gilbert's a very knowledgeable man
his brains I'm always picking,
from answers in the crossword book
to dates I have forgotten.

But when Ben gets that Jenga out
I try and stay well clear
For bending down I have a fright
and knocking it over is my fear.

Now bingo and quizzes and knitting are fun
and exercise keep us happy
but you can't beat a trip with Rob on the bus
while the Carpenters keep wailing.

I'm glad my life has turned around
I'm glad Jo lets me see,
for The Centre is a lovely place
a lovely place to be.